Olafur Haraldsson

Interaction Designer, Photographer, Retoucher and Anything Else



Ólafur Haraldsson



Kolding School of Design - MA in Interaction Design

Kolding School of Design - BA in Interaction Design

University of Sydney - Photography

NoMA - DI in Multimedia Design

Flensborgarskólinn í Hafnarfirði - HS in Radio and television technique

Nelson Collage - Y13 Photography, Arts, Trade Building.



At the risk of overstating my case Ólafur is one of the most interesting students we have had the pleasure of working with. I would characterise his core values as conceptual thinking and an ability to program to bring these concepts to the fore.

Barnabas Wetton - Kolding School of Design


Throughout our interactions and during his visit, Ólafur has demonstrated great knowledge of photography, timelapse acquisition, and timelapse data processing. He is well organized, responsible, and enthusiastic. He works hard and has demonstrated dedication and a good work ethic, despite having to spend many hours collecting data outdoors in the cold Boston weather. He got along well with Kalyan and other members of my group, and was lively and engaged during our weekly group meeting.

Ólafur's strong motivation, his ability to work hard and stay focused, and his deep dedication and commitment make him a great asset to any research team. I am confident that he will continue to grow and thrive as a graduate student

Hanspeter Pfister - Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


We have had the pleasure of hosting Ólafur Haraldsson as an intern in our company in Los Angeles throughout the year of 2010, and it has been a very productive and fruitful relationship. Ólafur is exceptional in his technical and artistic aptitude, and he has risen well beyond every task he has been given. I believe he will do fantastically well in his pursuits, and we can unequivocally recommend him for any capacity he is applying for.

Eric Hanson - xRez Studio