Dettifoss in the winter

North-East of Iceland, Here is Hrannar shooting Dettifoss up close and personal from the east side, its ok to get vertigo looking down as I am flying above the canyon.

Dettifoss is a waterfall in Vatnajökull National Park in Northeast Iceland, and is reputed to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Dettifoss is situated on the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river, which flows from the Vatnajökull glacier and collects water from a large area in Northeast Iceland. The sediment-rich runoff colors the water a greyish white. However in the winter there is way less water and it has more of a blue-ish tint.

The falls are 100 meters wide and have a drop of 44 meters down to the Jökulsárgljúfur canyon. It is the largest waterfall in Iceland in terms of volume discharge, having an average water flow of 193 m³/s. The superlative of most powerful comes from its water flow times its fall distance.